Ready to Reset

Jesus made making peace with God a simple process. Yet, when it comes to making peace with ourselves we tend to complicate that process. We often resist slowing down enough to REFLECT and make changes. We frequently lack the courage it takes to REMEMBER where we’ve been and how it’s affected who we’ve become. As we REJOICE over our victories, we are sometimes tempted to take all the credit rather than boasting in God’s goodness. But, when we do reflect, remember, and rejoice in the Lord we have the opportunity to RESET our spiritual life toward abundant peace.

Whether we admit it or not, our default setting is chaos. That’s why we need Jesus. His peace resets our turbulent hearts. 

It gives me great comfort to know that Jesus experienced every emotion I’ve experienced. He laughed, loved on children, and, no doubt, joyfully danced at weddings. His heart pumped with love, compassion, and great peace. Yet, He also knew the pain of rejection, betrayal, and loneliness. He understood grief and disappointment. He sometimes felt angry, sad, hungry, thirsty, and tired. He experienced all of those emotions so we could know that we have a Savior who knows how we feel – no matter how we feel. He not only saved our souls, but He also gave us the very best part of Himself, His Spirit. His Spirit living inside of us comforts, leads, teaches, convicts, and RESETS our hearts and minds. 

How you think about Jesus determines your level of peace. If you see Him as a finger-pointing dictator, your inner peace will suffer. If you picture Him as a friend who loves you enough to correct you when you’re wrong, but then willing to hold you when you’ve been wronged, you will gladly exchange your chaos for His peace.

The closer things are to my heart, the harder it is for me to find just the right words. Expressing the peace and freedom I’ve finally found in Jesus seems nearly impossible. So, I’ve chosen someone else’s words to do the job for me. 

When Brian Simmons and his translation team began translating the Bible, they began with the Song of Solomon. They have completed that book, as well as the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs to create The Passion Translation. After diligently studying the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic manuscripts, they unraveled many ancient poetic analogies used by Solomon to create a more meaningful description of the emotion between the Shulamite woman and her beloved. Their introduction to that book begins with this statement:

“The first book translated in the Passion Translation was the Song of Songs (also known as the Song of Solomon), my favorite book in the Bible. I have fallen in love with this sweetest song of all the ages. We see the Shulamite’s breathtaking journey unveiled in this amazing allegory. It is the path every passionate lover will take. But this divine parable penned by Solomon also describes the journey that every longing lover of Jesus will find as his or her very own.”

With that in mind, open your heart to this description of Jesus:

See how his hands hold unlimited power!
But he never uses it in anger,
for he is always holy, displaying his glory.
His innermost place is a work of art—
so beautiful and bright.
How magnificent and noble is this one—
covered in majesty!
He’s steadfast in all he does.
His ways are the ways of righteousness,
based on truth and holiness.
None can rival him,
but all will be amazed by him.
Most sweet are his kisses, even his whispers of love.
He is delightful in every way
and perfect from every viewpoint.
If you ask me why I love him so, O brides-to-be,
it’s because there is none like him to me.
Everything about him fills me with holy desire!
And now he is my beloved—my friend forever.
Song of Solomon 5:14-16, TPT

Next week, we’ll see how this kind of passion might translate to others. Sweet rest and peace this week, my friends.

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