Meet Donna

Thank you for traveling to Perfection Road!

Just so we can get to know each other, let me introduce you to my ever-expanding tribe:

44 years ago, God blessed me with my husband Ron. We’ve worked, served, laughed, cried, traveled, and been blessed with two babies. We’ve been through good times and bad, and we are truly thankful for both. He is my very best friend.

Our daughter Jennifer and her husband Jim amaze us with the love and devotion they have for their children, as well as their willingness to serve others. They have three biological children and two adopted sons. That makes five homeschooled children who, along with their sweet cousins, are the best children on the planet!

Our son Jarrod and his wife Morgan have hearts that beat with generosity. Jarrod, a home builder, offers help to those in need without being asked, and Morgan serves as a physician who keeps patients connected to the Great Physician. They blessed us with our second granddaughter and fifth grandson who consistently paint smiles on all of our faces.

As For Me ...

I grew up moving around the state of Alabama. Thirty-three times to be exact. That’s twelve schools in twelve years. The majority of those years were spent in Montgomery.

I like my coffee black (most of the time), my food Mexican, my hair colored, and almost every kind of sport. Softball is my favorite. Time sitting across the table with friends provides a bit of soul food I thrive on.

I met Ron while attending Auburn University where I majored in education. This city girl followed the love of her life back to his less-than-large hometown in Marshall County where we’ve lived for the last forty years. (Our farm serves as the backdrop for many photos representing Perfection Road.) It thrilled my soul to finally settle down in such a beautiful spot!

After teaching elementary children for 20 years, I transitioned to children’s ministry for the next 11. Altogether, 35 years were spent teaching Sunday School, about eight ministering to those in our local jail, and I have been blessed to serve ladies in drug rehab for the last 12 years. I’ve blogged here at Perfection Road since 2010 and written three books along the way. I’m happiest when I get to share the goodness of God.

Filling Potholes

From the outside looking in, my life looked like I had it all together. I even fooled myself. Then came 2018. Every hurt I’d ever suppressed came bubbling to the surface. I buckled under stress upon stress and the loss of my mother. Had my 2018 happened in 2020 I fear I would have crumbled.  But God held me up and refused to let me remain feeling broken. I eventually humbled myself enough to ask for counseling. At 61, I finally got to meet the real me. And I think I like her.

As you travel with me on Perfection Road, I promise to be as encouraging as I know how to be. God has done great things for me, but His best gift has been the overwhelming joy I now experience every day – no matter what comes. With the help of the Holy Spirit, my mission is to keep you pointed toward the Word of God so that we can all bring others into the joy of His presence.

Our grandchildren provide Ron and me with the overwhelming desire to help make this world a better place. I hope you will join us in that effort. God is doing, and will continue to do, amazing things in and through you and me as we choose to fill our potholes with His perfection. It’s going to be a fantastic journey. I hope you’ll enjoy traveling Perfection Road with me.

“As for God, His way is perfect;

The Lord’s word is flawless; He shields

all who take refuge in Him.”