Filling Life's Potholes with God's Perfection

Perfection Road offers encouragement to those longing to live like Jesus,
so they may confidently travel the road toward God's perfect love.

Goliath-Sized Courage

We don’t live in the gym anymore now that our children are grown. Going to a high school basketball game these days is purely for entertainment and not to keep the refs on their toes.  Last night proved to be quite entertaining. Both teams came to play. It was the area championship game. One team […]

God of Wonder

We have just returned from a week at Disney World with our grandchildren. There is nothing like seeing the wonder of Disney through the eyes of small children. They were completely captivated by all the music, colors, characters and rides. Watching them sent a surge of young blood coursing throughout my body and I became […]

Special Guest Post

I know this is not Tuesday, but it is a special day – my husband Ron’s birthday. My daughter, Jennifer, called this morning to see if I had ever thought about having a guest blogger. That was funny because I had just thought last week about asking her to do that very thing, but decided […]

What Station Are You Listening To?

I am an XM radio fan. I love being able to listen to the same station no matter how far I travel away from home. Living out in the country like we do, I can lose my favorite station just by going down the mountain. If I stay on the FM stations I have to […]

I’m Sorry

How many of you remember the ‘70’s movie, Love Story, with Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw? Whether or not you remember that movie you probably remember its most famous line, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” That line oozed humongous drops of sap and always brought a roll of my eyes. I suppose […]

One Bite at a Time, Please

Back when my hair color stayed dark by itself and my smiling eyes didn’t have two sets of parentheses around them, I stopped making New Year’s resolutions. I learned New Year’s resolutions can be tricky things and failure seemed certain. If you resolve to lose weight because you can’t zip your jeans, but find yourself […]

The 2012 Star

When I am driving I hate to hear that woman in my car say, “Updating route!” I hate it because I know I have taken a wrong turn and what she really wants to say is, “Really? Are you kidding me? I told you to turn ½ a mile ago. Now, just look where you’ve […]