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Perfection Road offers encouragement to those longing to live like Jesus,
so they may confidently travel the road toward God's perfect love.

A Matter of Perspective

Let’s Play

I’m not a fan of email forwards, so my mom has learned to send me only the best of the best. She sent one yesterday I can’t get out of my head. It told of a woman who was conducting a stress management class. During her talk she held up a glass of water. Those […]

That’s What Friends Are For

One of my greatest blessings is my close circle of girlfriends who make me laugh, let me cry, work alongside me, encourage me to be a better person, accept my help and hold my hand when I struggle. I have had no greater reminder of how important friends are to me than when my friend, […]

Unleashing the Love of God

As I sat at my computer pondering how to begin a chapter of my book on dietary and spiritual supplements, I asked the Holy Spirit for help and He came through with flying colors. He reminded me of the tremendous support my cousin, Dena, and her family received after her daughter, Hannah’s, tragic car wreck. […]

Jesus – The One and Only

So, tell me about your spiritual life. That’s the statement I always direct toward a new inmate at the city jail during our Thursday morning Bible studies. You can learn a great deal about a person by how they respond. I can’t think of one time when a lady didn’t begin by telling me whether […]

Facing the Wind

Friday blew into existence on a mighty wind. I probably should have stayed home, but my back was telling me I needed to walk. I waited for the rain to end, but that wind stood me straight up and I got more exercise than I intended. As I got to the end of the farm’s […]

Goliath-Sized Courage

We don’t live in the gym anymore now that our children are grown. Going to a high school basketball game these days is purely for entertainment and not to keep the refs on their toes.  Last night proved to be quite entertaining. Both teams came to play. It was the area championship game. One team […]

God of Wonder

We have just returned from a week at Disney World with our grandchildren. There is nothing like seeing the wonder of Disney through the eyes of small children. They were completely captivated by all the music, colors, characters and rides. Watching them sent a surge of young blood coursing throughout my body and I became […]

Special Guest Post

I know this is not Tuesday, but it is a special day – my husband Ron’s birthday. My daughter, Jennifer, called this morning to see if I had ever thought about having a guest blogger. That was funny because I had just thought last week about asking her to do that very thing, but decided […]

What Station Are You Listening To?

I am an XM radio fan. I love being able to listen to the same station no matter how far I travel away from home. Living out in the country like we do, I can lose my favorite station just by going down the mountain. If I stay on the FM stations I have to […]