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Perfection Road offers encouragement to those longing to live like Jesus,
so they may confidently travel the road toward God's perfect love.

Have A Gracious Christmas

Merry Christmas, Friends! Today instead of my usual post I want to share two videos I pieced together for a friend. One is Lauren Daigle’s lyric video for her song How Can It Be? The other is a clip from the movie Son of God. In a recent interview Lauren revealed that the inspiration for this song came […]

Step Inside

Do you enjoy meandering your way through a Bible story, pretending to be a different character each time you read it? Maybe I’m just weird that way. Different perspectives help us learn new things while we’re there. Take for instance the shepherds out in the field keeping watch over their sheep at night. Smelly. Dirty. […]

What the World Needs Now is …

What do the Assemblies of God, Baptists, Church of Christ, Methodists, and others I may not know about have in common besides Jesus? Many things – but this past Saturday it was Christian Women’s Job Corp. Pure devotion describes the effort Sheila Banks puts forth to create a program designed to instruct, counsel, encourage, and […]

You Were Made for More

You Were Made for More

I’ve bumped into some familiar reasoning so many times lately that I decided to slow down and think it through. Just what do people really convey when they say, “That’s just the way I am” or “That’s just the way God made me”? Ever heard or said that? It seems those are just excuses for […]