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Perfection Road offers encouragement to those longing to live like Jesus,
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Our Christmas Card to You

I planned to wish you a Merry Christmas today with our family’s Christmas video. However, as I put the final touches on the video, a text rang in from my sister-in-law. Her husband Dick had written a letter while traveling a mile high above the earth that she thought I might like to read. I […]

A Baby Changes Everything

Unplanned. Unexpected. Uncertain. “My son is here! Oh God, Mary seems so calm and content, but why me? Will I get it right? Will I give him what he needs? Do I have what it takes? After all, Lord, a baby changes everything.” Rough and rugged. Terrified. Dazed. Hands accustomed to saving lambs from predators caressed […]

Thanks, Mack

Thanks, Mack

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Thanks, Carolyn

Back during my days of white lace socks and patent leather shoes, my Sunday school teacher asked us to memorize Psalm 100. Back then the redwoods were mere saplings, and the King James Version was the only acceptable version of the Bible for good little church girls like me. To this day, I cannot read […]

Much To Do About Trouble

[Many thanks to Barbara Bice, Kelly Smith, Carol Chatham, Raymona Bevel, Lauri King, Lindsey Vollenweider, and Tiffany Bobkowski for guest blogging for me during our little Benjamin’s hospital stay. You have blessed me beyond measure! But, it feels so good to be back at Perfection Road! Benjamin’s pins removal went exceptionally well yesterday, but I […]