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It’s funny how our subconscious minds work. Events that come around at regular intervals, or even spontaneously, sometimes threaten to become triggers for negative emotions we thought were long gone. It might be a birthday, the anniversary of an unpleasant event, seeing someone unexpectedly, or maybe even seeing a loved one go through an all-too-familiar difficult situation. 

Through a recent conversation with my daughter, I was reminded of how childhood trauma often manifests itself later in life. It’s not uncommon for a person traumatized as a child to unintentionally, but purposefully, test the ones they love and respect. They push their limits or back away from a loved one just to see if they care enough to come after them. In essence, they paint a billboard declaring their most intrinsic need is simply to know they matter.

I understand the fear that accompanies this kind of insecurity.  I’m not proud to say it, but I’ve unknowingly administered those same kinds of tests over the years in more than a few relationships. Some folks chose to come after me. Some didn’t. But what matters most is that Jesus came after me! And that’s all I really need to feel secure.

I stand firmly convinced that everything the devil planned for evil in my life and yours, God continues to use for good! That truth finally lies deep within the marrow of my bones! Even today, maybe as you’re reading this, I’m trusting the Spirit to blow Satan’s tsunami sent in 2018 right back into his face – and I can’t wait to ride on top of that wave!

It may take you some time to recognize your own insecurities. It will no doubt take you even longer to come to grips with the reasons for them. In the meantime, look around for those being swept off their feet by insecurity’s surge. Go after them, even if they take a bite out of you. (Don’t forget! As God’s child, you wear some pretty powerful armor!) Hold up their hands in the foamy fray until victory is won. Reassure them of your love until you think you’ve gone completely overboard. Help them understand they really do matter. There may come a day when you need them to return the favor. Let them!

My prayer for you and me is that whenever tragic or recurring life events trigger a thunderous tsunami of insecurity, we will remember Paul’s words to the Romans:

“All those led by God’s Spirit are God’s sons. You did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear. Instead, you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father!” 

Romans 8:14-15

Never fear, God is always willing to hold us close. So, let’s hoist our sails courageously, watch them swell with fresh air from His breath, then breathe deeply, and wave good-bye to insecurity.

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  1. Andray

    Dark shadows of the past lurk in our subconscious, but Jesus shines Light into those dark recesses of our minds. THE WAY, the Truth, and the Light.
    Thank you, Donna. I always look forward to your posts.

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