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I’m a Believer

Whenever my friend and I travel together she’s in charge of playing the music from my phone. As she scrolls through my playlists, she likes to give me a hard time not only about how many there are, but also how varied. Indeed, I do love music, and my tastes teeter totter from Beethoven to Foreigner, Toby Mac to Selah, James Taylor to Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Crowder to Hillsong. Whenever my downloaded songs play randomly they resemble Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get!

Yesterday morning I chose one of my favorite Christian playlists to keep me company on the road. Two songs that I happily sing along with, when I’m sure no one’s listening, rang out back-to-back. However, I’ve never noticed the connection between them until yesterday.

The first one reminded me of who God is. He’s a “way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, Light in the darkness.” God never failed to make a way for me when I lost my way. I’ve often witnessed Him doing the impossible. He has never left me, forsaken me, condemned me, or been unloving, unfaithful, or untrue. Things always seem to look better in the light of His day, the light of His love, and in the light of His Word. He mends lives and turns them around. He powerfully works for me even when I don’t see it. That is why I worship Him!

Then, on the heels of that song came one that testifies to what each of us can become after we fully realize exactly who God is. Each of us can hold our head up and boldly declare, “I am a mountain mover, water walker, more than just an overcomer because I’ve been set free. I am a gospel preacher, heart on fire, freedom-singing testifier because I’ve been redeemed. I AM A BELIEVER!”

I’ve been in “the hands of the Healer and the arms of the Savior” more times than I can count. In fact, that’s where I long to stay. I am fully aware of my need for new mercies every morning. I know “the grace of Jesus makes me who I am.” But here is the part I don’t want you to miss; this is not your home. You don’t walk alone – no matter what comes your way. You can have peace through the trouble. You can have joy through the struggle, and place your hope in a brighter day!

Since you’re reading this, you most likely believe that Jesus is who He says He is and that He can do all He says He can do. But do you really believe He will do it for you? I sure hope so, because He is more than able and way more than willing to prove His love! Just keep your eyes and heart open.

If you are struggling or stressed today, spend some time worshipping. If you’re having a great day, spend some time worshipping. Nothing speaks louder to those who don’t know Jesus than someone who’s been with Him through worship.

Here’s a little something to get you going:

Happy Tuesday, Freedom-singing testifier!

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