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A Father’s Love

Saturday, my son became a father to the precious little baby girl our family eagerly anticipated. I watched his heart melt as he cradled her in his arms. He held her close and sang to her sweetly, gently stroking her velvety cheek with his finger. He kept her warm and protected. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He is known for flashing his giant smile, but this new gentle smile displays all the daddy-love in his heart. He will forever put his life on the line for her, giving her the best of his love, time, attention, and affection. 

As she grows, he will be more than willing to forgive her when she does wrong. Disciplining her will break his heart, but he will do it because he wants good things for her. She will be covered with every blessing at his disposal – not because she’s earned them, but because he loves her. All he will ask in return is that she love him with the same love he has for her.

So it is with our Abba Father. God eagerly longs to have an intimate relationship with us. He eagerly anticipates our climbing into His lap so we can share our hearts with Him. In His lap we are kept warm and protected by His embrace. When we feel we can’t take another step physically or emotionally, we can lay back in His arms and listen as He sings over us. He won’t stop smiling at us because of His great love for us. We are His joy and the apple of His eye. 

Jesus proved the love He has for us by paying for all of our mistakes. He put His love on the line. His blood covers our sin and makes us clean enough to want to crawl into the lap of the living God for forgiveness, mercy, and endless love.

This past Sunday, my mother would have celebrated her 80thbirthday. She would have loved to love on our new little girl, but she will eventually have all of eternity to love on all of us again. Needless to say, my emotions have been tender, but mostly I’ve been so very thankful for all the hard times that brought me to this past weekend. 

Sunday morning at church we sang a song that I used to play when I’d drive my mom to her doctor visits. It’s one of my favorites. Every time I played it she would tell me how much she liked it. (I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.) Singing Love on the Line by Hillsong seemed like the perfect way to celebrate my mother’s birthday and the birth of my new granddaughter. 

These lyrics mean the most to me:

With all I am
In Your grace I stand
The greatest of all romance
Love of God
My Savior

To the One who has rescued my soul
To the One who has welcomed me home
To the One who is Savior of all
I sing forever

Love on the Line by Hillsong Worship

As you continue to grow in Christ, He will be more than willing to forgive you when you do wrong. Disciplining you will break His heart, but He will do it because He wants good things for you. You will be covered with every blessing at His disposal – not because you’ve earned them, but because He loves you. All He will ask in return is that you love Him with the same love He has for you.

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  1. Andray

    Tears of Joy.

  2. rebekah marsh

    I had a feeling your blog would be along these lines. I love it!

  3. Morgan

    I love the boy and the baby, God has been so faithful to us!

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