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The Blog You Helped Write

Friday, I asked my friends on Perfection Road’s FaceBook page to write captions for pictures I recently took in the Smokey Mountains. I promised to use the one most liked as the jumping off place for today’s post. Since there were so many good ones, I decided to use them ALL in hopes of extracting a few more ounces of creativity from my fingertips. Thanks to everyone who participated. If You haven’t liked Perfection Road on FaceBook yet, I’d love to meet you there! Happy Tuesday!

Fires started carelessly by flicked matches burn just as hot as those caused by lightning strikes. Both burn. Both consume. One smolders into flame. The other bursts into a roaring inferno. 

The same is true for tragedy. 

Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and unmet expectations flicked aside soon smolder into flames that scorch our most precious relationships. Even the tiniest flickers of discontent have the potential to blaze a trail of destruction that often jumps onto the lives of innocent bystanders. Then again, our hearts are often charred by the lightning strikes of sudden late-night phone calls, accidents, unwanted confessions, or doctors’ reports. 

All of us surely know by now this kind of heat is common to man. And, as Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” So, where do we turn when the flames threaten? 

We run to the Rock of our salvation. 

We run to the Word that steadies us. 

We run to Jesus. 

There is no shortcut. No other remedy. Nothing but Jesus can quench the flaming arrows flung by Satan. He holds protection and healing in His hands, but we must go to Him to receive it.

Time with Jesus refreshes us enough to either search for beauty among the ashes or pilfer through the weeds before the fire begins to rage. God lovingly unveils hidden treasures that stoke new life in those who take the time to seek them out. Some of those treasures are nestled in His Word, and some reveal themselves in the form of family and friends who cling to Jesus as their fire extinguisher. 

By sharing common hurts and pains we offer support to one another. We are wired to share our struggles so that we can declare the praises of the One who delivers us. When we refuse to admit our weaknesses, we short-circuit God’s design for relationships. We minimize the power of the Holy Spirit, and we turn Jesus’ sacrifice into a meaningless death.

I know you know this, but let me remind you. The blood of Jesus can lift you to the highest mountain. There, you offer humble thanks for His unfailing love. The blood of Jesus can also fill the lowest valley to quench your fiercest firestorm. It’s there, in the smoldering depths, where your trust forms.

If you know Jesus as your best friend, you already know all of this. If you know Jesus merely as the man whose sacrifice reconnected you to God, well … you’re on the right track. Keep talking to Him, and listen closer until you hear Him speak to your heart. You’re going to be amazed at the power of His friendship. 

If you don’t know Jesus, let me tell you He’s quite a hoot! He’s a storyteller and a teacher. A healer and a counselor. He can calm the seas to bless you or allow yours to be stirred to make you better. He is the center of everything, and He’s in the business of transformation. He offers peace, hope, grace, and mercy. There is no one greater. No one wiser. No one so powerful. He knows you. He made you. He gave His life for you. In Him there is freedom. 

If Jesus is not part of my world, I want no part of this world. He is the rock I stand upon. He is the new song in my mouth. He stands with me in the fire and washes me in His Word. Because He has come to my rescue over and over, transformed my life, given me hope for the future, and set me free, I believe in Jesus, and I love Him. 

Let the world fade into smoke. Just give me Jesus!

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  1. tnc12

    Amazing, so thankful Jesus is my life!! Be blessed

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