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Nothing Else Will Do

Do you have “dry-bone” days? You know, those days when you’ve either poured out all you have to give or you’ve had every ounce of confidence snatched from your body. When those days come for me, I stare at a blinking cursor for hours, praying for something to write about – anything at all. Those days stretch me.

On the other hand, maybe you experience those “overwhelm-your-soul” kind of days. Those days when you are so saturated by God’s goodness that you can’t find words adequate enough to express your unparalleled delight. Those days motivate me. 

Today, I find myself completely engulfed by the faithful love of our God. He has convinced me now more than ever that our relationships with Him and others will never be what He intended unless we truly believe He loves us. We can’t even love ourselves until we know how much we are loved by God.

Do you hear that? God loves YOU! 

You, with all your roller-coaster emotions. 

You, with your unkind thoughts that turn into words. 

You, with all the many faults you see when you look inside.  

He is working mightily right now to arrange blessings and healing. He’s putting people in your path to help. He knows your heart and your mind, and He loves you anyway. 

This past Sunday morning our church service turned emotional quickly. Our young pastor shared his feelings about it being our last Sunday in the place we’d called home for several years. He talked of all those who had come to know Jesus for the first time in that space and those who had returned to their first love. (Ron and I were in that group.) Next Sunday will find us in a brand-new space looking forward to what God will surely do. 

Just after the pastor spoke, we sang a song that I’ve played at least a hundred times since. For me, it was a perfect moment. One that quietly and reverently ushered in the presence of the Spirit and reminded me that all I ever needed was Jesus. Later, that afternoon I posted these words and Scripture on my Facebook page:

Sunday is my favorite day, but I’ve never experienced one quite like today. Joyful emotion dripped off my chin as I realized NOTHING hung over me – absolutely nothing! Every hurt had been healed, every known sin had been repented of, every strained relationship mended, and I am blessed beyond all measure! Not only is God good, He is faithful to deliver healing and more than willing to refresh our spirits. Hallelujah!

If right now your heart is broken, lay it in the lap of Jesus. If you have relationships that need tending, mend the one you have with Jesus first. God will dazzle you with good people who show up at just the right time to walk beside you. If you feel completely overwhelmed with negative emotions, spend time in the Word – a lot of time! You don’t have time? Make time. Be willing to enter into a long, and sometimes grueling, healing process led by the Holy Spirit. He won’t let you be led by your feelings, but He will make sure you feel Him leading you.

After I posted my thoughts about Sunday morning, my aunt commented with one simple word, “FREEDOM!!!” 

Amen to that! 

My life is living proof that God can, does, and will continue to be all any of us ever need. Nothing else will do.

Please don’t skip listening to the song we sang Sunday morning. If this is not your thing, give it a try anyway. Close your eyes and enter into your own holy moment. With every line of the song remind yourself of God’s faithful love. Picture Jesus smiling at you. He has a great smile! Feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, and prepare to be overwhelmed.

Nothing else will do.

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  1. Teresa click

    Awesome word, Thanks Donna for obeying God. Awesome

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