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Married Lives Matter

The eyes and mouth of a young wife in our small group flew open when she learned that passion can still burn brightly between a husband and wife in their sixties. I was amazed that she was so flabbergasted by that! 

Since Ron began building starter homes a couple of years ago, we’ve been shocked by the number of young, unmarried couples buying houses together. It’s caused me to wonder if our generation has unknowingly contributed to their retreat from marriage. If so, I’d like to lead the charge in the opposite direction. 

I’m posting a couple of days early this week because today Ron and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. For the most part, it’s been an incredible journey. However, we’ve traveled a few divergent paths that God graciously used to merge us into oneness. Like most married couples, we came from two distinct roads bringing our own bags of life. Unpacking them and refilling them with the presence of the Lord has superglued our bond. We’ve both made some major mistakes, suffered great losses, and butted heads numerous times, but we’ve gotten lots of things right too.

We started out as two young kids who had to communicate about bank accounts, household duties, toilet seats, and toothpaste tubes. We learned a smidge about parenting after getting a new puppy, and I learned you don’t jack up a car on the fender. Ron learned at what point to hand me a tissue during a chick flick. I learned to pay attention when he needed some stress relief. Then, with the birth of our daughter and son, our parenting skills rose to a whole new level. From those two amazing children, God has blessed us with 4 ½ perfect 🙂 grandchildren who still teach us way more than we teach them. Through it all, the Spirit of God has led us valiantly whenever we handed Him the wheel. 

When our grandchildren (and our young friends looking for a spouse) observe our life, I want them to see two people crazy about each other after years of intentionally loving one another. I hope they notice the winking glances, the not-so-subtle touches, and the sly grins. I long for them to hear us asking politely and not barking orders. Let them hear from our lips only praise for the other. Let them see in us the same grace and love Jesus has for the church.

Oh Lord, please let all of us who’ve been married a while show the younger generations honest examples of tangible love. Let them see the locked and smiling eyes that say more than words, the proper hugs exchanged for no specific reason, and the lip-lock that puts the Hallmark channel to shame. God, remind married folks that every marriage matters when it comes to personifying the relationship between Jesus and His bride, the church. Let our young people see the blessings of marriages committed to excellence. May they long to create what we now enjoy.  Amen!

Since I like to create videos for our family’s special occasions, I designed one for Ron as my way of saying thank you for loving me for 40 years. He’s helped pick up all my broken pieces and painstakingly helped God glue them back together. He helped the Light defeat the dark, and he’s kept me safe. There is no one who means more to me. He is the reason I’m still breathing. I don’t think he’ll mind me sharing his video with you. Maybe 🙂

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