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Let God Lead – A Lesson From My Grandson

My 12-year-old grandson Camden’s greatest vocational desire these days is to become a sports journalist. He’s developed his own sports blog, so I asked him if he’d like to guest blog for me sometime. He took me up on my offer, and in true ESPN style featured a sports figure in his message about following God’s plan.

Two of my favorite men!

To merely say I’m proud of him would be like calling Tiger Woods an average golfer. Camden excels in writing because his teacher/mom teaches him well. He loves God because his parents have shown him how to love. More importantly, he already understands that heartbreak is inevitable for all of us, but by following God’s plan, things have a way of working out for our good – eventually. This is a message that has inspired me to remember to let God handle all my struggles. I think it might inspire you too.

Even though Camden chose to write about an Alabama quarterback, he wanted me to make sure you know he is an Auburn fan. (That made me smile.) His choice of athlete makes me even prouder because he understands that even though folks may be from another tribe, we can all be united by the love of Jesus. Please don’t forget to show him some love in the comments. Thanks for traveling with us today. (If you’re curious about his blog, you can view it at

Let God Lead
by Camden Ellis

       This is the story of an incredible athlete who followed God’s plan even through the heartache. This is the story of Jalen Hurts. Despite all the pain, he let God take control. Jalen is an incredible example of someone who trusted God, and even though he went through great pain, everything turned out better than it was before. 

       Jalen Hurts, a 4-star quarterback prospect from Channelview, Texas, committed to Alabama and signed with the Tide as a freshman. Hurts’ future looked clear cut. He would be the starting quarterback for Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide until he left for the NFL. “As a competitor, I wanted badly to be a part of the dynasty that Coach Saban was building. I wanted to make my mark. I wanted to leave a LEGACY.” That’s what Hurts said in a letter 3 years after he committed to Alabama. Sure enough, he was named the starting quarterback for Alabama in 2016. Hurts didn’t lose a game in the regular season. And it didn’t cease when he beat Florida in the SEC Championship and Washington in the College Football Playoff. Hurts battled for a title vs Clemson in January of 2017, but lost by a last second touchdown.

Hurts used that as motivation for the 2017 season. Again, Hurts went on an 11-game win streak. But then Auburn upset the Tide in the Iron Bowl. Jalen Hurts, along with everyone on the Alabama team, believed their season was done. But when the Tigers lost to Georgia in the SEC Championship heads started to turn. When the top 4 was released a week later, Alabama was announced the 4thspot in the rankings, meaning they’d secured a spot in the Playoffs. Alabama took down Clemson and again obtained a spot in the National Championship to face Georgia. Could this be Hurts’ time to shine? 

Jalen Hurts had a series of rough drives in the first half. As he trudged into the locker room down 13-0 at halftime, he knew he had to be better, but he didn’t know that he wouldn’t have a chance to. When Alabama took the field on offense, Hurts was still on the sideline. True freshman Tua Tagovailoa was the one to call the plays. Tagovailoa led the Tide back, forced overtime, and won the game with a touchdown pass. Hurts was all smiles despite the career-changing replacement. Now the world had seen Tua’s talent. Later in the offseason, rumors emerged about Hurts transferring. But God had a plan for Jalen, and Jalen had a choice of whether to allow God to take control or complain and transfer immediately. 

       Later in 2018, Tua was named the starting quarterback as expected. But Jalen Hurts stayed in Tuscaloosa. Coach Saban and Tua were putting up so many points by halftime of each game, Hurts got to play the rest of the game for about half of the season. Alabama went undefeated in the regular season and defeated Georgia in the SEC Championship. Tua was injured late in that game. Hurts got his shot and rushed for the eventual game-winning touchdown, keeping Alabama’s season alive. Tua recovered and beat Oklahoma before losing the National Championship to Clemson. Early in 2019, Hurts announced that he was transferring as expected. Eventually, he decided to transfer to Oklahoma where he would play as a starting quarterback. Indeed, God had a plan for Jalen, and Jalen let it follow through. 

       Jalen Hurts followed God’s plan though the pain. Jalen went through very tough things when he was replaced as the starting quarterback. His pride was hurt and his professional sports career was in danger. But despite that, he supported Tua and the rest of his teammates, didn’t complain about the situation, and most importantly, trusted God’s plan. And now, Jalen Hurts is the starting quarterback at Oklahoma.

Even though Jalen went through tough heartache, he trusted God’s plan for him and now, he’s in a great situation as he’s in excellent position to win the Heisman Trophy and compete for the National Championship as well as being projected as a first-round draft choice in 2020. If you follow God’s way instead of your way, it’s true you may go through very tough heartache. But ultimately, it will turn out better than before. God’s way is the best way. God knows everything there is to know, and he loves every person in the world. You see, God’s way is always the best way. His plan is the best plan. If you follow His way, it will turn out a thousand times better. Jalen Hurts is one of many people who followed God’s way despite unimaginable heartache.

Hurts said this in a letter to the world describing exactly what he went through and how it turned out great:

“It’s been almost four years, now, since the day I got the phone call that changed my life. A coach by the name of Nick Saban was on the line, wanting to ask about the chances of a Texas boy like me packing up for Tuscaloosa, and coming to play football at the University of Alabama.

I took my recruiting visit — and then never took another. It was just love at first sight between me and this program.

And it’s crazy to think about the journeys we’ve both been on since then.

As a competitor, I wanted badly to be a part of the dynasty that Coach Saban was building. I wanted to make my mark. I wanted to leave a LEGACY.

Was what happened in the 2018 National Championship Game bittersweet? Of course it was — it was a humbling experience. It was tough, man.

But I am even tougher for it. I AM BUILT FOR THIS.

I understand that God put those obstacles and challenges in my life for a reason. He wanted me to feel the pain I felt for a reason. He wanted me to understand the importance of never losing faith — and of always staying true to myself. He had NOT brought me this far just to leave me there.

“This isn’t something you’re stuck in,” I’d tell myself. “This is something you’re going through.” And one thing I can promise you is that I’m better off for having gone through it. Everything I dealt with: I’m stronger for it. I’m wiser. I’m a better man.”

“Follow the whole instruction the Lord our God has commanded you, so that you may live, prosper, and have a long life in the land you will possess.”
Deuteronomy 5:33

13 responses to “Let God Lead – A Lesson From My Grandson”

  1. Natalie Coker

    What a wonderful reminder, Camden! Great job!

  2. Kim

    Wow, Camden….what a great message!! I know your parents and grandparents are extremely proud of you!! The way in which you are choosing to allow God to lead you instead of the things and people of this world, is truly an inspiration.

    ESPN….get your contract and signing pen ready!!

  3. rebekah marsh

    Camden that was a very well written blog! My daughter, Rylee helped recruit Jalen and she says he is an awesome Christian young man. He was actually being encouraged by his Dad to leave Alabama but he refused because of the commitment he made to stay. He has such great integrity. My prayer for all of you young men is that you will always remain in integrity to your walk with the Lord. Keep writing because God has gifted you!

  4. BJ Sanders

    Camden, you are wise beyond your years! What a wonderful message and wonderful blog! You have a gift.

  5. Susan Little

    Camden, I’m so impressed by you! That is a well-written, timely message that will resonate with many different groups: athletes, non-athletes, Christians and non-Christians. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future!

    And to your parents and grandparents, kudos on a job well done!

  6. tnc12

    Well done! Never lose hope, for God has the plan for you! You are incredible ,keep looking up for the path God has for you

  7. Peggy

    Wow Camden very well said and your parents and grandparents I’m sure are very proud of you! Stay on the path and always trust God to lead you! You have a great talent that God blesses you with having! ❤️

  8. Cathy

    Thank you for this article. I can truly benefit from it in my spiritual life. Keep up the good writing; God gave you a wonderful talent.

  9. Rebecca Meredith

    You really encouraged me, Camden! God will not leave me in heartache!

  10. Marolyn williams

    This was so good! Camden you did a terrific job! Inspiring for us all! I enjoyed reading this!

  11. Cathy Collins

    What a great message! It was a blessing to me and I thank you for it. It’s so inspiring to know that as a young man you have the knowledge and understanding that God has encouraged us all to have. I know that God has a plan for you, just as he does with Jalen Hurts. I look forward to seeing you following that plan and I know that it must be something very special!

  12. Kim Chaudoin

    Great job!! very well written!! Thanks to sharing this story.

  13. Julie Ellis

    You are an amazing writer and Christian young man. We are so proud of you. Nana and Papa

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