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Stuck in a Rut?

Most times, sisters are born to the same parents. Sometimes, they are blended into the same family. But on special occasions, God puts two girls together as friends who grow into becoming sisters for a lifetime. Kim King is that kind of sister to me. The transformation God has done in her life has blessed my family and me in countless ways. I am honored to give you a glimpse into her heart today by having her guest blog. Show her some love by reading her story, and get ready to be blessed.

It was early afternoon and the most perfect day smack dab in the middle of April.  Spring’s green grass had made its debut along with yellow wild flowers, budding flowery trees, and pink knock-out roses by the dozens. The wind was just brisk enough to boost my walk down the driveway to more than just a casual pace and cause ripples in the trio of ponds on the farm’s vast acreage.  The only sounds were those of the birds chirping sweet pleasantries, the cows’ mooing hallelujahs, and the horses chomping on the grass that fed their bellies.  Looking out over the mountain from atop God’s country, I could look down into the valley for miles and see the beautiful lake. Against the bluest of blue sky, the sun was shining down brightly while in the other direction the moon stood out oh so beautifully!

What brought me here was the thought that had been running through my mind for many months, “If I could only get away for a moment in time, just time away from all the noise, the busyness, the schedules, the mundane routine … the stuff.” I was thinking just me, by myself!  This thought had rattled my brain so many times over the past several months, but I continued to keep it to myself.  I thought it was very selfish to only think of me.

Eventually, the words starting verbally creeping out to my husband.  I mentioned it way more than once.  Then, I mentioned it to a dear friend.  I knew I had a week of vacation on the horizon and all I could think about was getting away … for just simply a day.  Before I knew it, my friend asked, “You want peace and quiet?  Why don’t you go stay at the farm?  Nobody will bother you there.  And you can stay as long as you like.”  I was all over that opportunity in a heartbeat!

I had been to the farm several times, but never by myself and not for an overnight stay.  I was eager to get away, and just let me say, this is not your ordinary Old McDonald farm with a barn.  The barn has living quarters for humans that a farm animal has never stepped foot in! It has a full kitchen and home entertainment center.  It even has a shower, which was a relief to my less-than-over-night camping style. Hey, there was even a heated pool with a pool house!  I was staying in complete comfort at the Hilton Barn Lodge.  Upon my arrival, I entered through the gate.  As I slowly drove the half-mile drive up toward the barn, I observed the multitude of cows to my left and gazed at the beautiful horses in the pasture to my right.  At the end of the paved drive, I parked my car behind the barn.  I grabbed my bags, went inside and up the stairs to my room to settle in for my overnight stay.  

After scoping out my rustic, cozy room and putting my things in place, I quickly made myself at home.  First things first, I made a fresh cup of hot coffee, snatched a book, and scurried straight for the wooden swing overlooking the grand countryside.  After a couple of chapters in my book and the last sip of caffeine, it was time to take the first of what would be many treks up and down the windy driveway path between the green pastures of cows and horses. 

As I began to traipse down the first leg, I immediately started talking to God.  I asked the Spirit to point out to me why I was there, at this particular place, and in this designated time.  As I walked down the first hill, I looked out over the mountains.  Then I glanced at the cows that mooed as I passed them by, and then over to the horses as they leisurely ate the grass.  They paid me no attention.  My head was moving back and forth as if I were watching a ping-pong match.  I was all in to this peaceful setting.  

As I got to the foot of the first hill, I “happened” to look down and noticed a turtle stuck in the fence.  I slowly went on past, but just a few steps later I came to a screeching halt. I turned around to see if I could help him out, maybe give him a little nudge.  I looked around for a stick of some sort. I was sure I wasn’t going to put my foot up to give him a nudge (I’m just sayin’).  I wasn’t able to find one close by.  At this point, I wasn’t sure if he was alive or not.  I went on my merry little way thinking I might find a stick on up the way.  And low and behold I did.  On my way back, I tried giving Mr. Turtle a nudge, but he didn’t budge.  It was at this point, the confirmation set in. He wasn’t alive.  So, I left him and continued on my walk. 

For the next few minutes, all I could think about was the turtle and how if he’d had someone to give him just a slight nudge, he could have been set free.  In that moment, I began to realize the Spirit was nudging me to see how I’d been stuck in a rut.  

For some time now, I had been letting the things of this world dictate my actions (or lack thereof) and my attitude.  Things of this life had a hold on me and were consuming me.  I was not taking time to breathe, but doing what I “had to do” and there was no time left to enjoy the simple things of life.  That afternoon I was able to stop and smell the roses (literally).  I took notice of the leaves as the wind rustled through them and rippled the ponds as I passed.  Rarely had I taken time to notice the moon in the middle of the afternoon.  I pulled a dandelion or two and blew on them which brought back sweet childhood memories of days gone by.  I even pulled a few of the yellow wild flowers that were growing along the fence and made a flowery bouquet.  I walked and I walked and I walked.  I leisurely swung in the swing and just took time to bask in the beauty of God’s creation.  At dusk, I pulled up the two rocking chairs that were made available underneath the overhang of the barn.  One for God and one for me. Coincidence there were two?  I think not.  We rocked, watched the gorgeous sunset, and talked.  Did He speak to me audibly? No. He spoke to me through His beautiful sunset.  I had a couple of things that had been weighing heavy on my heart for several months, and through this time away, His peaceful sunset, and the stillness of the moment, He assured me He has everything under control.  

Afterward, I went upstairs with no interest at all in catching up on social media or emails.  I entered my comfy cubby hole and took advantage of the quietness by just glaring into God’s Word.  I had a peaceful night’s rest, woke up early, and merely sat still in His presence for a couple of hours reading over His promises.  After enjoying a good ol’ cup of coffee, I was ready for a morning walk. This time, my mentality had changed. It was all about the thankfulness of the overabundance of blessings He has poured over me.  In this new day, the stuck-in-a-rut mentality had given way to peace for the days to come.

During this walk, I could only thank God for how richly He’d blessed my life.  How could I mope and complain about anything?   It took “getting away” in a peaceful setting and being completely alone with God for me to finally open up enough to realize my stuck-in-a-rut mindset. Only then could I surrender control of my future to Him.

As I walked in the freshness of this early morning, I was reminded that His mercies are new every day, Numbers 6:24-26 immediately came to mind …

“May the Lord bless you and protect you.
May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you His favor and give you His peace.”

I thought about how God had blessed me and protected me through my friends. He allowed them to share in the blessings He had given them to bless me.  They protected me through the security measures they had put in place there on the farm. And it reminded me of how He blesses me and protects me every day. God smiled on me and was gracious to me through their kindness and generosity. He continuously smiles on me and is gracious to me in every area of my life.  God showed me His favor and truly gave me a peace about the upcoming changes that are on the horizon for my life.

What about you? Do you feel like you are so stuck in the middle of life’s distractions that you don’t take time to pay attention to the nudging of the Spirit in certain situations? Maybe it’s time to be still in God and climb out of your rut.

6 responses to “Stuck in a Rut?”

  1. Diane Mann

    Kim this is such a blessing! God gave you a perfect example that you needed to see yourself through that turtle! He is so good!!!

  2. Belinda


  3. Pam Underwood

    Kim this is just what I needed to hear!! God sure has blessed you with so many talents, sharing your love for Christ is the best! Love You!

  4. rebekah marsh

    I loved this! I praise the Lord for your time at the”Farm”!

  5. Beth Nahkala

    I love this Kim! Such a beautiful reminder of how sweet time with the Lord is. Thank you for sharing your heart

  6. Gay Morgan

    I so enjoyed this Kim. We all need a reminder of how good God is.. in this fast pace world it’s easy to lose sight of God’s Blessings and we don’t take time to listen to that still small voice. Thanks for sharing.

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