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4 responses to “Schedule Your Grief”

  1. Teresa Hunter

    Thank you for sharing. I needed to read this. It’s been about 2 weeks since my Daddy went home to be with the Lord, and my Mama has been in the nursing home the past 2 years. Christmas will never be the same. Teresa

  2. Kim

    Such a timely message sweet friend. I’m so sorry for your grief over your precious mama. I see so much of her kindness in you. I can’t evrn imagine how proud she must have been of her baby girl. I’ll be praying for you.

    So thankful to still have my parents, but there are plenty of reasons for those “come aparts” you speak of.

    Divorce is “the little gift that keeps on giving”, especially at Christmas. A lifetime of memories, traditions, and family relationships…gone.

    Needed to get an appointment in with my counselor before Christmas…thankfully your post provided some great advice.

    Miss you so much and hope for a meeting soon.

    Hugs and kisses my friend❤️

    Kim Whitaker

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