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Windshield Time for Us

It’s so good to be back on the Road again! I’m thrilled you’ve decided to come along! This new adventure will most definitely satisfy our need for precious windshield time. We have lots to talk about.

Though I’d like to be sitting across the table so I could watch your eyes dance, I have a feeling this format might allow us to speak more openly. You know, like when you had those hard conversations with your teenager or your parents had them with you. It was so much easier if you both just focused on the windshield. (Surely, I’m not the only one who’s ever done that.)

Before we get too far down the road, I think I owe you an explanation for abruptly planting a stop sign in the middle of our journey. The truth is, my spirit was cracked wide open and as dry as a Hebrew slave’s feet. My incessant need to please and perform allowed the enemy to stack stone after stone on my back until the weight became too heavy, shattering me into a million dry, little pieces.

I once heard Beth Moore admit that her darkest season came right after writing her first Bible study. Satan took aim and fired his entire arsenal at her, which just about did her in. Wouldn’t he have loved to stop her in her tracks way back then!

I’ve learned exactly how Beth must have felt. Perhaps, you too have endured an attack from Satan after a great spiritual victory. You thought you should have anticipated the attack. You thought you should have risen above it. (Oh, how those should have’s will crush you every time!)

Satan took aim at me right after Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl came out. (By the way, he still doesn’t want that book in your hands!) My own words written before my tailspin now seem like a foreshadowing, perhaps a warning, of what was in store for me. Here are the last few paragraphs of Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl:

In the first few pages of this book I issued a warning: “Be warned! Pursuing freedom is not for the faint of heart. Nothing worthwhile ever is.” After being brought out of Egyptian captivity, the Israelites finally entered Freedom’s promised land, but they still had to battle 31 kings. Hopefully, you don’t have that many emotional terrorists wanting to overpower you – but you might.

The initial moment of freedom that opens your eyes to God’s love, grace, and mercy will forever be your dearest and most significant liberation. But be careful! There will be other strongholds throughout your life that you’ll need to overcome. Satan will come after you with a vengeance when he gets a whiff of your freedom. But take heart! “The one [Holy Spirit] who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4) God’s faithful love will continue to refine you, and your Holy Spirit power will define you. Then on the Last Great Day, you will stand humbly before God, fully embraced by Jesus and the Spirit!

So … Stand tall.

Raise your sword in victory!
The battle belongs to the Lord!
Freedom is yours!
You’ve been brought out. So, grab your freedom. Discover your purpose, and go make a difference as you “declare the praises of Him who brought you out of darkness into His wonderful light!” (1 Peter 2:9)

Well, now! If that wasn’t speaking foreboding truth I don’t know what was! I remember thinking when I wrote those words, “Surely, no one could have 31 emotional terrorists to battle.”

No, that number for me became more like 131! Long spoons dug into the well of my soul raking up memories and hurts I had spent a lifetime trying to drown. One by one, their little heads bobbed to the surface, laughing at my insecurity, rejection, doubts, and fears. Do those emotions tend to give you a run for your money? Confused and bewildered, I wondered who might be holding those long-handled spoons. Was it Satan or God? I knew Satan wanted to destroy me, but would God really let him do that? I was a mess!

But God!

And that’s where we’re headed for the next few months. God taught me how to thrive by using my wise husband, attentive friends, and compassionate counselor to be His hands, arms, and feet. I have much to share, but more than anything I want YOU to share. I would love for this to become a conversation. We have so much to learn from each other! I’ll kick things off every week, but I want YOU to engage. Make comments. Share your stories. Ask questions. Vent! However, in order to keep everyone’s thoughts and ideas in the same place, please post your comments on the actual blog post and not on Facebook or Twitter. If you prefer to limit your comments to me privately, you can email me at (But, please be nice. You may disagree if you’d like, but I ask that you be sweet about it.😀) If you are not already receiving posts by email, it’s important to actually subscribe. (To subscribe, just look for ‘Subscribe by Email’ on the right sidebar of the website.) Counting only on social media forums to show you a post might cause you to miss something.

Just to get things rolling along, here’s an easy question you can all respond to:

What is the wisest piece of advice you have ever received?

I’m already excited about next week. Here are some verses to sit and soak in for a while this week, if it suits your fancy:

1 Kings 18-19

Happy Tuesday!

13 responses to “Windshield Time for Us”

  1. Charlene

    The wisest advice I have been given is: “Trust God.”. Loved your blog – love you!

  2. Marilyn Bass

    Thanks for your mighty words Donna! I’m not good at battles, just knowing God can do it for me gives me freedom! Love and miss you!

  3. Kim

    “Love God, love others”. So refreshing to see Perfection Road email pop up this morning. Welcome back! I love you!!

  4. Wendy Griffin

    Wisest advice…. never to make campgrounds out of your memories!

  5. Angie

    Words of wisdom?? God has blessed me with with many. When I was a teenager and in love (I was actually engaged at one time to this young guy) I was heart broken and couldn’t see outdide my circumstances. My “foster mom” had already gone to bed…I went in for some words of hope and encouragement and I got them. They have lasted a lifetime for me. I’m now 51 and still follow these words of wisdom…..ANGIE, put God first and all else will fall into place. Seems so simple, but it has been the driving force in my life:)

  6. Jimmy King

    Glad you’re back

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