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Remnants of Eternal Significance

Many things I experienced at “Eternal Significance”, Saturday’s Lean Into Jesus women’s conference, continue to stretch my brain like a piece of Silly Putty. Remember how you used to stretch that crazy, shiny wad into a shape big enough to cover a colored picture in the Sunday comic strips? (Ok, I know, some of you don’t even remember Sunday papers, much less Dick Tracy, Dagwood, or Beetle Baily, but just humor me for a minute or two.) You used to fit that squishy wad over a picture, press it down, peel it off, and then enjoy stretching the transferred face of ‘whoever’ into all kinds of contortions.

During the past few nights, I believe God has been pressing the faces of those at Eternal Significance into my memory. But rather than contorting them, He’s given me a glimpse of His glory with each face. There, at the women’s conference, I saw

  • young girls giddy about their first women’s conference,
  • older ladies who moved slowly, but wore a smile,
  • women who’d known God all their lives, and some who had just met Him,
  • some who led, some who followed,
  • those who poured, dipped, and refilled containers,
  • those who greeted,
  • some who sang, prayed, danced, and spoke,
  • some who bowed low in worship, and some with hands raised high.

I think it’s safe to say we all felt the presence of the Holy Spirit – even those who didn’t have Him living inside them. But, the truth is, we all live in the presence of God every day; however, we often get distracted by all the noise in our world, and we fail to pay attention.

If you haven’t made Jesus your Lord yet, the Spirit will continue to outwardly convict you of your need to lean in to Him. If you do know Jesus, then you know you have an intimate source of comfort and power from within.

But whether or not you are a Christian, these three things can help you become more aware of His presence:

1)  Time in the Word

Wisdom is found in God’s word. It is God’s love letter to us explaining who He is and what He wants to do in our lives. It helps us make wise decisions. Without spending time in the Word, we miss the best part of our conversation with God. This kind of presence-seeking time in the Word is not merely reading – it’s meditating, soaking in it, and listening to what God is specifically saying to you!

2) Time to be Honest

Becoming honest and more transparent about who we really are opens our hearts to all the good things God wants to give us. Realizing everything we’ve done to separate ourselves from Him humbles us enough to receive His life-renewing forgiveness, mercy, and grace. Through heart-felt prayer we ask God to search us and completely know our hearts. Becoming totally honest with ourselves and God does a heart good!

3) Time for Worship

Worship may come in the form of surrender, acts of kindness, heartfelt prayer, declaring His praises, and even through song! Love expressed in any form is worship. For me, nothing prepares my heart to hear from God, receive comfort, or humble me better than worship music. There’s much I don’t know, but one thing I know for sure – we were made to worship!

The faces God chooses to press into your memory will be different from mine, but I’m praying they all reflect the glory of God!

I thought I’d share this old song with you today. I hope it sticks with you throughout your day. May you come to know Jesus even more intimately, so the presence of the Lord will surely be in your place! Happy Tuesday! Thanks for traveling with me.

“God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10, CSB)

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