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It’s Time to Order!

Yes, it’s finally time to pre-order your copy of Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl! (Just click here. If you order more than one copy of the same book, be sure to update your quantity and then hit enter.)  They’ll be ready to ship in about two weeks. Thank you for the interest you’ve already shown. I’m praying you will be blessed by it and come to know Jesus even better.

While you wait on your copy to arrive, here’s what some who read the manuscript had to say:

“In reading Donna Jackson’s excellent and inspiring book, Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl, I felt I was reading a manuscript written by a member of my own family because of all Donna’s family has meant to me over the years. Her grandfather Hoyt Roberts was my dearest friend and a model for my ministry here at Auburn United Methodist Church. Her grandmother Lois was one of the most Christlike people I’ve ever met, and the two of them blessed my life and ministry beyond measure. Hoyt and Lois have made heaven all the more lovelier with their presence. Also, her dad, Mack, and her Aunt Ann are like members of my family. So, I read this book with a maximum amount of personal interest and it inspired and blessed me.Donna so powerfully and poignantly shares the freedom we express in a liberating gospel of grace. Donna’s book has warmed my heart and blessed me – and it will do the same for you.”

Dr. George Mathison, Pastor Emeritus, Auburn United Methodist Church, Auburn, Alabama

Freedom for The Good Little Church Girl is a must read if you are of the “have to” mindset. This book will take you on a freedom journey of “want to” as Donna so courageously speaks from her heart and so exuberantly lays out a practical, biblical prescription that will transform your life and put you on the road to a life of freedom! Read on and be blessed.”

Kim King, Bible Study Leader, New Life for Women (Gadsden), Owens Cross Roads, Alabama

“I appreciate Donna’s transparency. The stories she has shared from her life allow you to see how God has transformed her, and in return can do a transforming work in your life.”

Wendy Goins, Children’s and Family Pastor, Foursquare Life Church, Richmond, Virginia

“Donna was raised to be a Christian. But after reading her testimony, I know her heart was truly transformed by our loving Lord Jesus Christ. Donna humbly shares her struggles of being “The Good Little Church Girl.” Through her wonderful stories you will see how God taught her through His Word as she read and applied His teachings in faith. Whether you are a new follower of Jesus Christ or have been going to church all your life, you will gain new insights into God’s Word by reading this book. You may even find yourself being transformed.”

Richard Butler, Group Leader, BSF International, Sunday School Teacher, Faith Baptist Church,Youngsville, North Carolina

Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl powerfully describes Donna Jackson’s amazing journey from religious shackles to the joy of abundant freedom in Christ Jesus. A lovely blend of difficult truth, abundant grace, and beautiful deliverance, this book is a treasure and a must read for all “good little church girls!”

Charlene B. Miller,President, Lean into Jesus Ministries, Guntersville, Alabama

Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl is a very relatable, heart warming, soul stirring story of a girl’s journey to finding freedom. You will fall in love with Donna Jackson’s writing style as her stories provoke reflections of your own quest to discover purpose and meaning in life. A must read!”

Jamie Miller,Freedom Small Group Leader, Church of the Highlands, Huntsville, Alabama

“Donna Jackson is a Jesus loving story teller. She uses her writing gift to offer the hope of Christ and her new book, Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl, does not disappoint. This soul searching journey will warmly welcome you in. As Donna offers up an authentic heart, you can’t help but feel instantly at home. She writes like a friend, a friend who boasts in Christ alone.

For those who are heavy laden working to earn grace, this book is a breath of fresh air, reminding its readers they are redeemed and restored because of Who Jesus is and not anything they’ve worked to deserve.

For those who are already walking in freedom, fully functioning from the restful grace place, this book is a reminder to share their stories too and never let their grace go wasted.”

Katie WilsonCo founder of, Staff member Lincoln Village Ministries, Author and artist at, Huntsville, Alabama

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