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Not in a Hurry

When my laptop crashed last week I wanted to fling it across the room frisbee-style. But rather than add sheetrock repair to my to-do list, I rushed it to the Apple hospital hoping it could be resuscitated. It could not. It needed surgery.

Yesterday, my many dollars and I traveled toward Huntsville to sign discharge papers to bring the renewed little darlin’ home. With both hands on the wheel and the praise music blaring I made good time until traffic came to a screeching halt. Blue lights and waving arms directed a very long line of obedient drivers off the highway and onto a road I vaguely remember traveling once before. I had no idea where the new road led, but I decided to find out. Maybe those drivers knew the area better than I did. Maybe they had traveled that way before. My music and much-needed conversation with God had put me in the mood for an adventure. There were beautiful houses, horses, fences, and green pastures. I decided not to reach for my GPS, but rather turned the music up just a little louder. Go ahead and click this song I was listening to as you finish reading.

I began to wonder about the people ahead of me. Were they in a bigger hurry than me? Were they content with the unexpected adventure? Was I wise to follow those who might be just as directionally challenged as me?

That’s when I began to see in my mind’s eye, the people ahead of me on my faith journey. I’ve been blessed to follow behind folks who knew exactly where they were headed and the Mighty One they planned to meet up with when they arrived. I bet you’ve been blessed with those kind of trailblazers too. Stop for a minute and think of a few.

I don’t normally call names in my blogs unless I have permission, but I still feel a bit adventurous. Four people who walk closest to me on my journey came to mind immediately as I traveled beneath branches of slowly turning leaves.

When you live with someone you sometimes forget to notice all the little things that made you fall in love with them. That’s a shame. My husband Ron will be the first to tell you that he is not perfect – but he’s perfect for me. He knows what I need without me having to say a word. He leads his tribe well because he’s learned to rest in God’s nearness and he notices when God is speaking.

I’m not sure at what age daughters become friends, but I am blessed that’s happened with Jennifer and me. In theory I should be traveling ahead of her on our faith journey, but there have been many times she’s had to run on ahead and eagerly wave me on. She loves like Jesus because she knows Him well enough to feel what He feels.

My son Jarrod has taught me more about serving others than anybody I know. When he sees a need he just meets it – with that huge smile of his. His way of seeing others through Jesus’ eyes inspires me to give it a try more often.

I always wondered what it would be like to have a sister. I watch my daughter-in-law and her sister and think how reassuring that would have been. But God … has faithfully filled that void with a collection of “sisters” throughout the seasons of my life. I’m blessed now to have many I call sisters. I just spent a weekend at the ReCreate women’s conference with my friend Kim and realized how blessed I am to have her traveling with me on my faith journey. She knows me well enough to skillfully challenge me to become better, while protecting my sometimes fragile emotions. Even though she works extremely hard and is incredibly busy, when it comes to people she is never in a hurry.

Forgive me for getting a little personal this week, but it’s good to honor those who travel ahead of us. Why not take a minute and write that note you’ve been meaning to write? Thanks for listening! Oh! Don’t forget to look behind you. There’s a line forming.

“Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters. Outdo one another in showing honor.” Romans 12:10, CSB

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  1. Leslie

    Love love love this song, this blog, and you. Honored to ride out adventures with you, my friend.

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