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Your Chance to Be the Editor! Help!

As some of you know, the manuscript for Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl was finished in May. Throughout the entire book writing process, I’ve tried to stay tuned to the voice of the Spirit. I only wanted to write what I believed He was leading me to say. Now that it’s written, I want to continue to follow His lead. If it were up to me, I would already have it self-published and ready to go out. But this time, I feel the nudge to be patient and wait on God. I so dislike waiting!

I recently made contact with an editor I met at the Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference several years ago, and she offered some good advice. The timing of our paths crossing was too perfect to be a coincidence. So, I am about to post a book proposal with two different services. Publishers do not take unsolicited book proposals or manuscripts, but they do scan the ones posted with these two services. Hopefully, Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl will catch someone’s eyes. 

I would love to get some feedback from you as to whether or not the next few paragraphs (only a portion of the proposal) would leave you wanting more. If they do, please tell me. If they don’t, please tell me that too, and I’ll go back to the drawing board. I would also be more than thrilled to get any constructive criticism you might have.Thank you in advance for your help. You all mean more to me than you know!

Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl

What’s Your Book About?

 Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl explores the question, “What happens when a good little church girl discovers there’s more to faith than defending church traditions and doing good deeds?”

Tell Me More

 Stepping onto Freedom’s pathway with author Donna Jackson, you’ll find a young girl of 13 who gave her heart to Jesus, but failed to develop a friendship with Him. Instead of trusting the work of Jesus to save her, she relied on the religious traditions of her church and her own effort. Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl begins with a look at faith, works, and how a tumultuous season of angst forced her to investigate what she truly believed and why she believed it.

God revealed Himself in astonishing ways she’d never witnessed and quite frankly refused to believe were even possible. As the Holy Spirit guided her through the Scriptures, she identified with the whiny, Egyptian-enslaved Hebrews of Exodus who had been set free, but failed to live in freedom. Finally, her heart opened to the joy that exudes from the marrow of every set-free soul. Transformational joy catapulted from undetectable to immeasurable. She now yearns for others to shake off legalistic chains and not wait as long as she did to find freedom.

Why is this message needed?

 Most Christian non-fiction books about freedom either revolve around the general aspects of freedom in Christ or specific events centering on addiction, grief, or overcoming a traumatic event or circumstance. Donna has yet to read a book describing the gut-wrenching angst specifically associated with overcoming legalism.

Constantly teetering on the sharp, thin rail of legalism wearies the body, mind, and soul. Half of your being leans toward the safe, substantial bed of tradition, reputation, and knowledge. The other half longs for more. After finding her own freedom, Donna discovered scores like her from a wide variety of church tribes.

Most who realize they’ve missed something important in their Christian voyage struggle to admit it, and have no idea what’s escaped their radar. They feel alone in their struggle. They worry about being considered radical if they decide to chart a course through the open waters of freedom. Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl intends to open lines of communication not only between like minds, but also between freedom seekers and those who view freedom as a threat. Its purpose is to vividly portray the inexpressible, indescribable, and glorious joy celebrated when one finally falls off the narrow rail of legalism into the refreshing, gently flowing waters of freedom.

Who could benefit from this message?

Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl will benefit:

  • freedom-finding pastors, teachers, and leaders by helping them better understand the mindset of those bound by legalism,
  • those already set free by inspiring them to lovingly illuminate freedom’s path for those still held captive, and
  • most especially, good little church girls and boys who feel they’ve missed something in their walk with God, but have no idea what it is.

Okay! It’s your turn. Please let me know whether or not this leaves you wanting more. If you’d like to respond privately, you can email me at Thank you again! Happy Tuesday!

2 responses to “Your Chance to Be the Editor! Help!”

  1. Andray

    Oh yes, much more. Donna you know me. I’m still trying to capture that Joy I’m supposed to have. Glimpses from time to time with tears when it overwhelms me. But it is so fleeting. I want to keep IT.
    Yes, please, MORE!

  2. Leslie

    I am so looking forward to seeing how the Lord pours out His favor on this book that you’ve written in obedience! This proposal is PERFECT!

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