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A “New” Approach to Sharing Your Faith?

A couple of weeks ago Ron and I traveled to Kentucky to visit the Creation Museum and the newly constructed replica of Noah’s Ark. It was a trip worth taking. Noah’s ark is a masterpiece stretching almost as far as five football fields.

The night before we left I flipped through the TV channels and landed on the Hillsong channel. The man behind a podium had an Australian accent that quickly captured my attention. After just a few sentences I became fully engaged in his topic. Only after he finished speaking did I realize that underneath that gray hair was Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis and the mastermind behind the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. I thought, “What a coincidence!” His message sent my brain’s wheels spinning.

As with most profound ideas, his thoughts seemed so simple that I wondered why I had never heard anyone else spout them. His words lay nestled in my mind as I toured the two attractions. Like pieces of a giant puzzle, fresh ideas for reaching lost people snapped into place.

Today, I just want to tease you with a question and then explore it a little more next week. If you had to decide whether you should teach like Peter in Acts 2 or Paul in Acts 17, which would you choose and why? Oh, this is going to get crazy good next week! Take a look at those two chapters between now and next Tuesday and I’ll share an eye-opening reason for my new choice.

For now, let me show you some of the things we saw:


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