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4 Ways to Share Jesus Before Sunday

Do you ever wish you weren’t so timid about sharing Jesus? Today, let’s take a look at four simple ways to intentionally spread hope all around. Couldn’t we all use a little more of that these days? If we agree to do these four things, just imagine how high the roof will rise with our Sunday worship! You’ve got 5 days to do four things. Ready?

#1 – Speak life to your family.

“You look nice today.”

“Way to go!”

“How did you get so smart?”

“Thank you.”

“I love you.”

When we speak life we imitate the One who said, “As the Father has loved me, I have also loved you.” “I have called you friends.” “I chose you!” (John 14) Your family will hear enough negative words this week. Let your words of kindness exhale the very breath of God.

#2 – Be intentional with your closest friends

Take time for lunch or a longer-than-a-minute phone call – even if you’re busy. Mark your calendar and make it a priority. “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their efforts. For if either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10) Friendship offers a safe place to work through the intricate details of faith.

#3 – Text a random contact

Scroll through your list of contacts on your phone, pick a friend randomly (of the same gender :)), and text something along these lines: “Just thinking about you. Hope you are having a great day!” We all like to know we are thought about. “Lord, you have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down and when I stand up; you understand my thoughts from far away.” (Psalm 139:1-2)

#4 – Lend a hand

Pick up a dropped item. Open a door. Smile. Let another go first in line – yep, even at Wal-Mart. Mail their package. Smile. Take someone’s shift. Help lift a load. Cook a little extra. Smile. Keep the kids. Or, feed the dog. Did I say smile? I’m praying that the person who needs Jesus most runs into us this week. It’s hard for a person to be overwhelmed by love and not ask, “Why?”

Our prayer for one another this week:

“The amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit, be with all of you.” (2 Corinthians 13:14, The Message)


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  1. optin2living

    <3 Another great word! Have a blessed week!

  2. Leslie

    My most favorite post yet!!! <3 Mrs. Donna, you are a true gift to us.

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