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Hanging on Every Word

I’m just over the halfway point in writing Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl! If I could do a backflip I would! I’m writing as fast as my little heart can take and anxiously anticipating the book rolling out this summer. (If that lines up with God’s plan.) Without a doubt, my last three books were preparation for this one. I’ve watched God do so many incredible things the last few years that I can’t imagine what He has planned. I’m passionately following His lead in writing and trusting Him with the rest. I can’t wait to watch Him do exceedingly, abundantly more than I could even ask or imagine!

I discovered a new Hillsong song this week while serving with our kids. It fits perfectly into the message of my book. I had to listen to it again, so I searched until I found it and downloaded it.  I also found a video of its writer Joel Huston and singer Taya Smith revealing what the song means to them.  These two understand the matter of first importance. I know you are like me and are hanging on every word God speaks to you!

So, I’d like to share the video followed by just a sneak-peek from Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl.  Please keep me in your prayers as I finish the book. You are always in mine as I write!

“I could be wrong, but I hope not. I’m hearing a rattling sound among the dry bones in our churches. I’m seeing bones, as dry and dusty as mine once were, snapping together. God is forming new tendons; attaching bone to bone. The church is being covered with new skin radiant from returning to her first love. God is personally replacing her heart of stone with one of flesh. I’m seeing young and old bones rising to their feet, forming a vast army, full of the Spirit’s breath, eager to proclaim that Jesus is their Lord!”  – Freedom for the Good Little Church Girl, Chapter 6

Here’s the entire song, if you’d like to listen:

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  1. Marilyn Bass

    God is definitely leading you! I can tell from your life and your books! Keep helping us along with your beautiful words and inspiration!

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