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2 responses to “Thanks, Tom”

  1. Kim

    There are but a few people who have left this earthly life that I still think about and miss so desperately…our precious Tom was one of them. How I’d love to talk to him today. I’ve tried to imagine what he and my beloved father-in-law and Bro. Clay are up to and about the advice they might give to me. What a blessing they were to so many and to the cause of Christ! Oh, that the same would be written about me after I am gone. Thanks, again for reminding me of my focus.

  2. Jean Ann Scott

    I’m just now catching up on my emails and devotions! Terry and I miss Tom every day. He truly loved the Lord. I personally witnessed him praying at our church’s altar, not for healing, but for his unsaved friends. Thanks for this reminder for the new year!

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