Filling Life's Potholes with God's Perfection

Perfection Road offers encouragement to those longing to live like Jesus,
so they may confidently travel the road toward God's perfect love.

2 responses to “God Made You To _________.”

  1. Kelly S

    (I am so glad to hear Jennifer and Benjamin made it home!) I am learning to embrace writing as my Gospel work. I love what you say here: “We become gifted followers because of the inimitable way God created us.”

  2. Andray

    Thank you!
    You know me, so it comes as no surprise to you or others that I want to share Jesus our LORD as the loving, caring, sensitive, all knowing Holy Father that He is.
    Through the Word, both the Living and the written, granting us His mercy, grace, peace, and comfort is always there for everyone every hour of every day.
    May the LORD bless you and your family.

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