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5 responses to “Meet Lauri: A Trophy of God’s Grace”

  1. Barbara Bice

    Powerful testimony! I love reading, hearing, and seeing how God transforms lives and then uses them to His glory. Praise God for all the recovering addicts (and Al Anon’s) who continue to carry the message of hope to those who feel hopeless. Thank you Lauri for you inspiring words. You are indeed a “trophy of God’s Grace.” ~ Barbara Bice

  2. teamgibson2010

    God is good and God is good at being good! So very proud of Lauri and her accomplishments and so proud that she gives God the honor and the glory He deserves for her accomplishments! She is a walking testimony of God’s glorious grace!

  3. Janet Cash Brunson

    Praise Jesus for He is good; He is ever faithful! I am so honored to call Lauri friend!!! She is truly a Trophy of God’s grace and I am so proud of the woman she is and her desire and drive to introduce others to God’s amazing grace! She shows them how He can make all things new again and wants to see women delivered out of that miry clay!! I love her and pray God’s continued blessings over her and her precious girls!! Although I am older than Lauri, I look up to her for her determination to live for Jesus, no matter how tough life gets!! I love her sense of humor, her love for Jesus and her passion for her work in recovery and New Life for Women! I love my friend, Lauri King!!!!

  4. Raymona

    What a tremendous story of faith. The struggle from addiction that has constant hurdles is a continuous example of a belief in God and His promise. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Joy Dollar

    What a wonderful testimony of God’s Grace….you are an inspiration Lauri King

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