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9 responses to “Meet Barbara: “The Price We Pay””

  1. Raymona

    What an inspiring story and wonderful lesson in faith and trust.

  2. Kim

    I’m sure, Donna, my dear friend…you get tired of my comment being “wow!” But “wow.” Although my story is very different and my journey has just begun, I can relate to every paragraph written by Barbara. I, too, hope that God can make something beautiful from the broken pieces of my life and that He will use me in a mighty way as He difinitely is with Barbara.

  3. Susan F.

    Our God is so good! His power truly is immeasurably more than we can think or imagine!
    God bless you, Barbara, for sharing your story of hope, restoration, and reconciliation. God works mightily through you in so many ways, and your writing is surely one of them!
    Thanks for the inspiration today!

  4. Janet Oakley

    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring, edifying, and meaningful message.

  5. Scott

    I know Barbara and believe strongly that she is an angel among us and she is truly the hands and feet of Jesus. Her husband Ed is no less of an angel and they both inspire my walk.

  6. Ed Starkie

    I am blessed to call Barbara my friend. I have watched her ” mount up as on Eagles wings” to help pull someone out of addiction. But her true work is with those caught up in co- dependency and helping them realize the truth and then beginning the work of coming out and getting free of those bonds. A powerful sister in Christ!

  7. Marilyn Bass

    Thank you Barbara for sharing your story of hope faith and redemption! I struggle with letting go an letting God as well . May you be blessed beyond measure for your diligence.

  8. Ed Starkie

    My dear friend Barbara! I have learned hope and strength from this lady over the years. She is a good wife, a good friend, and a dang good golfer . You aced another one sister. Great job!

  9. Lil Martin

    I am blessed to call Barbara my friend! She has also been one of the few people in my life I consider a true mentor to me. Her and her husband serve those trying to escape the grip of addiction everyday and bless all those they touch. God’s strength, love and grace are evident in all they do.

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