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9 responses to “Are You Overwhelmed?”

  1. Susan Little

    Beautiful, Donna! What a wonderful pictorial legacy for not only Benjamin but his new siblings as well. God is truly overwhelming in His love, grace and mercy!

  2. Julie Ellis

    Nicely done! Great message.

  3. Marilyn Bass

    Oh so beautiful Donna! Such sweet and beautiful love stories in the faces alone! Oh the joys that await you and your family! God is so good!

  4. BJ

    I love it! I especially love that Benjamin looks like he fits right in and is ready and willing to accept his new family. How blessed you all are! God is good all the time!

  5. Wanda Akin

    Thanks for sharing this, Donna! What a beautiful family! Praying for them as they return and as all of you adjust to this “overwhelming” blessing from God!!!!!

  6. Vicki Watts Stephens

    I’m still crying from joy, Donna. This was so beautiful. I’m in bed 90% of my life right now, but when the Grands are around, GOD seems to give me just enough energy to push through and enjoy them. I love them so, so much. They lift me up. GOD is so amazing. I’ve enjoyed reading and praying about Benjamin. GOD makes no mistakes. How beautiful that he bonded so quickly! I knew he would. Because we serve an awesome GOD. And now you, Ron, and Jim’s parents are Grandparents to a special little boy. One you’ll teach to love GOD, to follow JESUS, and one day y’all will give this special gift back to GOD when he’s baptized and chooses to follow GOD. I love his shirt that says Chosen. Just beautiful…

  7. Bruce Underwood

    Benjamin is one of the most blessed youngsters in the world to become a part of one of the finest families in this USA. So grateful for the detailed update. Bruce Underwood

  8. pslawsongary

    Laura & Matt Smith adopted a little boy from China last month Very great Christian family they Love Little EJ .Check them out on face book Laura Smith .

  9. Marolyn Williams

    Sometimes our grand babies bring out the best of us!! I loved the clip, such a sweet and precious family. What wonderful adventures are in store for you all!! Love my Tuesday post, even if I can’t read it until Wednesday!!

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