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8 responses to “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

  1. pslawsongary

    Satan is like a TV station, we can drive by it with our TV turned on and we will only receive what we are tuned into .So it is with Satan and his imp’s .A Christian has Jesus in our hearts with the Holy spirit to guide us as we tune in to Him. Satan only can work on and in us when we allow him to /tune in as the TV. I Love your story keep up the good work.

  2. haullygirl

    With ALL my heart:)

  3. Marilyn Bass

    I certainly do! All we have to do is slow down and watch!

  4. Wanda Akin

    Praise God, Donna!! So happy to hear of God’s victory and the huge improvement in your physical condition. Thanks for sharing this with us! Another confirmation that He is God and He hears our prayers!

  5. C.S. Weaver

    I’m usually silent in prayer, but got chills when I began to understand that Satan can’t hear our prayers when they’re silent. I, too, will now pray more aloud. Great posting! Now, I have a question – can Satan read?

  6. Jean Ann Scott

    Just what I needed today Donna! I’m way behind on emails so this is a small miracle that I read it today!

  7. Wanda Akin

    Donna, sorry I had not read about your “flare up” with the RA. I am so thankful for His gracious blessing and your bouncing back and that you were able to enjoy Disney with the children!

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