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6 responses to “August 4, 2014 – A New Chapter Begins”

  1. Gina

    May God be with you both through it all. And I hope this new chapter brings you all of happiness this worldly life has to offer!

  2. BJ Sanders

    This one made me a little weepy, I must say. Big changes in store for you all, but exciting as well! I hope to see y’all at our 80th anniversary celebration in a couple of weeks. My best to all of you!

  3. Andray

    I know you and Ron already have mercy and grace! So I pray you continue to be blessed and receive peace and comfort through this life changing event.
    So proud for you!

  4. C.S. Weaver

    Yes, God is good, all the time. I wish nothing but the best in the future for you and your family. Thanks for your inspiring witness to the grace He freely gives to all who accept it.

  5. Wanda Akin

    Praying for you and Ron, Donna! What an exciting time in your lives! Will be glad to know of your plans (actually, God’s plans)!! Love you1

  6. jodie

    Donna, so happy for you and Ron…God Bless You both
    as you begin this new chapter in your lives.
    Tom and Jodie

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