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6 responses to “What I Learned From Inmates”

  1. cwoverfi

    Good one!

  2. pslawsongary

    God is 3in 1 God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit. We are created in God’s image body, mind and spirit. God saves our souls and seals it in His Spirit. Our minds need to be re-programed about God. Our bodies need to be healed ,habits pulled off, a whole new life way change. But our souls are saved so as by fire. 2Cor. lays this out for us. Space and typing skills prevent me from going into these verses. Our souls are kept in the hands of God John 10 .Minds have a life time of living in another way from Gods way. Our bodies have been used to do what our minds tell us to do. When God saves a person all this stuff from a life time has to be removed. We worship all kinds of idols they have to dye ,we dye daily so God is new to all that we are ,teaching them about Jesus from The Word and a committed life just living Jesus in front of them. All this is so strange to a new Christian. If the body sins, the mind wonders they think all is lost. But the soul is what gets saved instantly ,body and mind have to be trained to walk as Jesus walked. Loving God and serving mankind. both are very hard apart from the fellowship of Christians and Worshiping The Lord our New found God . That is where the Holy Spirit comes for our Power to Live Christ.. Hey Miss Donna just keep on sharing our Lord and Savior till Jesus Come Back. God fill you with His Power to do just that.

  3. Andray

    May I please use this for the men’s jail ministry also? It is so hard to try and give them meat when their diet is milk.
    Romans 7, yes, the chapter of my life. But, also the answer :24-25!
    Thank you for this lesson.
    In Christian Love,

  4. haullygirl

    I missed this one…wow. I love and respect you more and more with every word you write.

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