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The Right Place at the Right Time – The Spirit’s Specialty

Have you ever been in the right place at the right time and realized the Spirit was ready for you to take that next step?

Several of my friends and I have been blessed for the last four years to share how God works in our lives with some ladies in rehab and the city jail. Because God has given us this opportunity, our confidence has grown an ounce at the time. We want to grow more courageous in telling our stories to others – even our own family members. (They can sometimes be the most intimidating.) To get that courage, we began praying for God to give us more opportunities to plant the seed of Jesus or to water what was already there. We’ve become addicted to watching God give the increase.

About this time last year, after our weekly visit to the jail, my friend, Kim, and I got a call from one of the police officers. I guess we were the ones he thought to call since he had just seen us at the jail that morning. He received a call from an elderly woman who had discovered that her daughter, who lived next door, had died in her sleep. The officer asked if we would mind coming over to talk with the mother since she didn’t have any other friends or family close by. This was not exactly how we envisioned God answering our prayer for more opportunities. To tell you the truth, we were way out of our comfort zone. We talked rapidly on the way over and prayed mightily for the Spirit to speak through us. Kim and I are so different that we compliment each other. The Spirit knew He had a better chance of us agreeing to go if we went together.  Neither of us believed we could do it alone, but by tag-teaming, we both received the blessings. I watched the Spirit work through Kim, giving her just the right words to say. We prayed with the sweet lady and got her number before we left so we could check on her later. The Spirit could have gotten others to minister to that lady, but He wanted to give us that extra nudge to become more comfortable in sharing what we had received. God answered our prayers in a mighty way by putting us in the right place at the right time.

In Acts 3, Peter and John healed a crippled beggar who also happened to be at the right place at the right time.  Yes, the healing was miraculous, but it was his reaction that led thousands to faith in Jesus. Without his walking and jumping around, no one would have even noticed his healing. Without his giving praise to God no one would have understood the proper relationship between faith and healing. Without the man exuberantly hanging onto Peter and John in the Temple, Peter would not have had a crowd to address. Without that crowd, He and John would not have upset the priests and the Sadducees and been thrown into jail. And without them being in jail, all of the Jewish big whigs wouldn’t have convened and asked that all important question: “By what power or what name did you do this?” That’s when Peter gets to do some powerful preaching and declares Jesus to be the ONLY way to salvation. Peter, the man who knew the healing of forgiveness so well, knew what to do with a teachable moment.

I’ve been in that crippled man’s place, haven’t you? I’ve begged for healing and received it in ways that knocked my shoes off. I would love nothing better than for my reaction of praise to set off a similar chain of events and then have God not even tell me about it until we all get to heaven. He gives me just enough trials to teach me and more than enough blessings to inspire me. Both the trials and the blessings cause me to exuberantly hang onto Him.

And that’s just the right place all the time!

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  1. Gerri M G

    He is an on time God!

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