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What A Week! How ‘Bout You?

If it’s May somebody forgot to tell the weatherman! Every ray of sunshine sends me to the nearest window hoping to momentarily bask in just one fleeting golden ray. Even the ducks are tired of all this rain. But, I dare not complain. Come August we’ll all be trying to summon a rain cloud or two.

I do believe crazy weather spawns crazy weeks and last week was one of them – for many of my family members. However, my week ended with two wonderful occasions to meet some sweet, sweet people. I spent Thursday morning with the Marshall County AARP. It was so nice to play catch-up with several people I’ve not seen in a while.

Linda Anderson of Marshall County AARP

Linda Anderson of Marshall County AARP

Then, on Saturday, my friend, Kim, and I traveled down the road to Owens Cross Roads for a Ladies’ Day. It’s hard to find words sublime enough to express how welcome we were made to feel. They truly blessed our hearts.

Erin May, Dana Morrison and Annie Conwell from Owens Cross Roads Ladies' Day

Erin May, Dana Morrison and Annie Conwell from Owens Cross Roads Ladies’ Day

All the preparation for those two days left my heart full, but my word bucket empty. So, if you don’t mind I’ve got something a little different to share with you. It’s a video I put together about two years ago at another dry time in my life. I love to take walks just to clear my head and take in the skies.  Since God shares my passion for beautiful skies, He always seems to make sure I see some awesome ones just when I need them most. He’s so good to me that way. Even cloudy skies remind me of His presence and help me relax knowing He’s in control. Besides, everyone knows there’s always blue skies behind the clouds! The photos in this video were taken during walks at our farm and in our college town. I hope your week is off to a rip-roaring start. I’ll be ready for you next week, but for now enjoy the show!

Click here for “He Is!”



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