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I Couldn’t Wait Any Longer!

I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to make this announcement. I sure hope this is it! There is a new book about to be born. It’s in the delivery room right now and should be available next week. It’s called Come Saturday Morning: Thoughts from Perfection Road

Just to let you in on some behind the scenes kind of things; the cover photo displays my grandfather’s bible and it’s open to Psalm 40, a very meaningful passage to me and yes, that’s really my robe, glasses and slipper usually worn when I write my blogs on Monday mornings. Getting to work in my pj’s is a blessing I greatly enjoy! The coffee cup was given to me by my friend who constantly reminds me that God can empower us to do the impossible when we believe.

I hope you’ll consider ordering a copy of the book for yourself and additional copies for those perfect Mother’s Day gifts, Secret Sister prizes, birthday gifts or simple treats for the devotional book junkies in your life. We’ll be set up to take your orders for Come Saturday Morning this time next week. I can’t wait for you to be able to hold it in your hands! Here’ a little sneak preview of the preface:

August of 2010 I began writing a weekly blog. This seemed like good motivation for me to practice my writing while fulfilling my desire to share God’s goodness. I decided to post a new blog once a week, but which day should I choose? It seemed as though Monday got a bad wrap for being the first-workday-of-the-week ogre. Wednesday was hump day and Fridays shouted too loudly about the weekend. So, it was either Tuesday or Thursday. I chose Tuesday.

Once my writing juices began to flow I couldn’t contain myself. I soon began my first book, Temple Sweepers: Motivation for a Healthy Body and Soul. Organizing so many thoughts into coherent pages took a great deal of time for someone so new to the book writing process. However, those Tuesday blogs offered me a chance to blow the dust off some old memories and inhale a breath of inspiration from what God was teaching me. I decided to name my blog, and eventually the website, Perfection Road because that’s where I try to travel. It is not a road toward my perfection, but rather God’s. God is perfect – not me. Sometimes, it’s all I can do to stay between the ditches. But, I know Jesus has paved the way ahead of me and I don’t want to veer out of his footsteps. He is constantly leading me toward God’s perfect love and one day all of us on this path will stand before Him with Jesus at our side vouching that we’ve lived in His rearview mirror.

As my blog’s readership grew I had friends ask, “Why don’t you put some of your blogs into a devotional book?” Hmm. I liked that idea, but with the Temple Sweepers project at full throttle thoughts of a new book got put on hold – until now!

My husband asked me, “Why are you calling the book Come Saturday Morning and post your blogs on Tuesdays?” My mind works in ways only God understands, but here is my reasoning. Blogs come to you through your computer and that usually involves sitting at a desk and just breezing through the words. Saturday mornings are meant for pj’s and coffee, late breakfasts and cartoons (or Sports Center) and hopefully some quiet devotional time and prayer. Saturdays are just plain different! So, why not take this book, your Bible and a cup of coffee (or whatever suits your fancy) to your favorite spot every Saturday morning for the next year and just breathe deeply! (You can find devotionals for those five-Saturday months at the end of the book.)  We all know by Friday afternoons our souls often sigh, “Come, Saturday morning. Please come!”

I appreciate all your input and encouragement more than you know. Hope you enjoy this weather and keep a smile on your face. It really does make people wonder what it is that makes you so happy. When they ask, tell them all God has done for you! Grace and peace, my friends.


4 responses to “I Couldn’t Wait Any Longer!”

  1. Kim

    I am so excited about your new book!!! It will definitely be a great gift idea for our family and friends!! I look forward each Tuesday to reading your blog and to see what God has placed on your heart to share. You do such a great job!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Dianne

    Great news! I look forward to reading your new book. What a blessing to be able to share your wonderful talent with all of us. I am so proud of what God is doing in your life. Keep going.

  3. Belinda

    Great news. Just finished a book. Was looking for a new one. Well here it is. Yay!! Congrats.

  4. Geradaline Gurley

    Hello, can’t wait to read Come Saturday Morning – Blessings are flowing!

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