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5 responses to “Why RA Won’t Defeat Me”

  1. Dick Butler

    Well said Donna! I immediately thought of all the difficulties Joseph found himself in and he did nothing wrong (Genesis 39-40), yet God was with him and used him in a mighty way. God’s Sovereign plan for our lives includes suffering. May we all draw our strength from Him and His Word in our sufferings as you have.

  2. Diane Lowe

    I always look forward to Tuesday! You always give me such insight into some of the things I am feeling. Thank you and have a blessed day!

  3. Geradaline Gurley

    Donna, thanks you so much!,

  4. Wanda Akin

    Well said! I see God displaying His works in you and through you and giving you a platform from which to glorify Him through suffering. Elisabeth Elliot also said, “With acceptance comes peace” and acceptance is hard…. gained only through the power of the Holy Spirit and I see His peace in your life. I am thankful for your transparency and willingness to use what He has given you to express love and concern for others who suffer. I love you, Donna!

  5. Barbara Grider

    Donna, thank you for sharing such beautiful truths. So many times I get discouraged because I just can’t do what I could before. Our enemy uses everything he can to destroy my joy and peace. Thank you for being a vessel God can use to help me and so many others be encouraged. I feel such peace when I remember that our God is able to do anything, loves me, knows my limitations and abilities, doesn’t expect more from me than I can do and is using everything available to help me and others get to Heaven. Thank you for helping me to remember our God is in control and He is choosing to let me be mildly inconvenienced instead of asking me to be crucified. Thank you, Jesus, for taking my place on that cross. I am blessed beyond measure every day!

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