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A Little Help Please

Excuse this end-of-the-week post, but I need your help. If you received this post by email, please send me a simple little “got it” in the Leave a Reply section below. I think some of you may still be getting this without your subscription showing up on my end. Thank you for your patience and while I’m here I might as well shamelessly plug the Book Signing tomorrow. If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffers, come on over to Fant’s in Guntersville between 10 and 1 and get your signed copies of Temple Sweepers with no shipping charges. Have a happy day!





11 responses to “A Little Help Please”

  1. Janice Davis

    Got it! Congrats on your book! I still remember the sweet and peaceful look you had during our Emmaus walk. Love reading your post…keep them coming!

  2. Donna Hasty

    Got it!

  3. Jimmy King

    Got it!

  4. rebecca meredith

    Got it!!!!

  5. Lisa Fountain

    Got it

  6. Diane Lowe

    Got it

  7. Kim Lecroy

    got it, thanks!

  8. Julie

    Got it.

  9. Jenny

    Got it!

  10. Andray

    Got it! Thanks, Donna.

  11. Phyllis Howell

    Got it! 🙂

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