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Perfection Road offers encouragement to those longing to live like Jesus,
so they may confidently travel the road toward God's perfect love.

5 responses to “New Tricks for Old Dogs”

  1. Kristina O


    I look forward to reading more of your book….ALL of it! I have struggled with my weight for 10 years now, and with 100 lbs to lose, it is hard to find where to start. And after reading this, it starts with God of course! Now to pray to find the next step. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dick Butler

    Perfect. I will buying a copy of your book for my mom as she will benefit and take notice from reading the portion you posted…

    Love you,

  3. Cindy McKee

    I love it, sounds like a winner! I have some bad habits to break ( still !). The biggest problem is portion size, cutting down on (or out) salt, drinking more water and not soda, get more exercise and quite time with Father!! I guess thats it?! Thank you Donna I look forward to this book being in the librarys (I pray).

    Love ya,

  4. Lei Ann Nichols

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks so much for teaching our class again last night. It was very informative and having your mom there to share with us her success story was a real treat! She is truly inspiration to me and many others!

    My greatest challenge has been on special occasions and holidays when family and friends say, “It’s alright to eat that __________, we are celebrating!” or “It won’t hurt just this one time to splurge, after all it only has 6 sticks of butter, some sugar and a little white flour in it.” “You can make it healthy by putting the strawberries and whip cream on top.” Of course I know better but sometimes when someone else would give me justification to eat unhealthy I became too weak to resist. I would tell myself, ” Well maybe I’ll splurge just this one time and I won’t do it anymore.” Then here comes another occasion and another until I would be feeling terrible again. Recently though, I have come to realize that the struggles I have with food isn’t a curse but is in fact a blessing! So now I look at every temptation as an opportunity to grow in my faith. When temptation rears its’ ugly head, I remind myself that resisting exercises my confidence muscles which give me strength to overcome any obstacle that life may hurl at me. Yes, I may allow myself to eat a very small portion of something not on the healthy list at times but only because I will have thought it out ahead of time and then it becomes decision not a temptation.

    You have taught me well sister! Keep it up!

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