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3 responses to “Help!”

  1. Tim

    Hmmm…interesting question. I think of self control and discipline as Siamese twins, two individuals, but unable to go anywhere without the other. It takes a certain level of self control to expose oneself to the training of discipline, but self control grows weak without feeding it with the good things discipline brings. One grows with the other. Deny one, the other will suffer.
    So much easier to spiritually “veg out” and be merely a consumer of religious activities without bothering oneself with all that conviction stuff. Plenty of favorable comparisons in the pews to help us with our superficial self examination.
    Me, I struggle with all of it. I have fed flesh man so long he is a 1000 lb gorilla and does not give way easily when I try to reign him in either to drive out the bad or bring in the good. Thanks be to God that it does not depend on my strength but his. He has not given up on me. Even when I try to hide He finds me. Such love amazes me. Why would anybody care so much?

  2. Cindy Lee McKee

    Donna don’t know that much about the twelve spiritual disciplines, just know I struggle with self-control on many levels. Look forward to your book when your done writing.

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