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4 responses to “My Wish”

  1. Amy Mitchell

    This is so beautiful. Congratulations! I just want you to know that my 5th grade year, I was NOT looking forward to summer break, because I knew I wouldn’t have you as a teacher anymore. You are wonderful!!

  2. Debbie

    Beautifully said!!! I have had some of these same thoughts and prayers for my little granddaughter, Kaydence, ever since I found out that God was blessing us with a little girl! My heart just swells up somedays with all the things that I want and wish for her! My most important wish is that she,too, will grow up knowing the grace and goodness of the Lord; striving always to do His will; so that, she may find peace and rest in Him no matter what comes her way.

  3. Vicki Watts Stephens

    First, congratulations on the blessing from GOD of a granddaughter. I know Ron and you are very excited. And the words you’ve written brought tears to my eyes. I get very emotional when it comes to my grands, and everything you wrote was so beautifully written. Thank you, Donna.

  4. Susan Little

    Thanks, Donna, for so eloquently expressing my wishes for my precious grandbabies! Your sweet baby girl is already truly blessed, as are her brothers.

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