Filling Life's Potholes with God's Perfection

Perfection Road offers encouragement to those longing to live like Jesus,
so they may confidently travel the road toward God's perfect love.

2 responses to “Fifty and Fierce”

  1. Vicki Stephens

    I’ve always told my age, too, for the exact same reason! Don’t you wish that in our “age” of life we could somehow impart the knowledge we have on the younger? We share, and yet every “crisis” is the end of the world. And I’m sure for them it is. I’m happy to be where I am and grateful for your writings. Thanks, Donna:)

  2. Wanda Akin

    Donna, I am so thankful for your life! You bless me so when I read your entries in Perfection Road! You are a good writer and I know that you are guided by The Holy Spirit in all that you do. You are wise to enjoy your life and to take each day’s blessings as gifts from God. I agree, God has given you a beautiful family! There is nothing like “grandmotherhood” is there! Keep writing! Love you much, Wanda

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